Factors to Consider Before Renting a Commercial Space

If you are looking for a commercial property to initiate a new business, move your business from its current location to a new one or expand your franchise locations, then choosing the right property is very important. In order to do so, there are a few important aspects that you must consider. Some of these factors are discussed below.




The location of a commercial space for rent is the most important factor that you must consider when looking for one. Your business location will have a lot of impact on the success or failure of your business. If you are setting up an office in Bangalore for example, you need an office space for rent in Bangalore and as such your target area have to be easily accessible by major transport facilities.  This will ensure that your employees and clients can commute to the business premises with ease. Also important is the siting of businesses in an area with high population density for an enterprise that is dependent on volumes of trades, in this case, the Shops for rent must be located close to the target customers.


2.Office Spacing


It is important for you to determine the amount of space you need for the healthy functioning of your business. This will not only ensure that you have adequate space for your business but also prevent you from paying more than is absolutely necessary for rental costs.


You must understand that the rent will increase as the size of rented space increases. By taking spacing requirements into consideration, you will avoid renting a space that could be suffocating for your business. There is no harm in renting more than the space you need but planning for it ensures that it is done in moderation.


3.Budget and Expenses


When you are starting a new business, you have a certain budget within which you have to work. Hence, you must take your budgetary provisions into consideration when looking for commercial properties for rent. Other miscellaneous expenses associated with property rentals have to be evaluated and included as part of the rental budget. Budgeting should be done with respect to the specific requirements of your startup business or shop since profit-making usually happens much later in the lifecycle of your business.




If you are renting a space for your business, your employees may commute to your office in private vehicles or your business may use trucks in delivering your service thus necessitating a company parking space. Moreover, clients may also need to park their vehicles while visiting your office for business purposes. Hence, adequate parking space may be very important for your business.




The architecture and the interiors of your office building have a great deal of influence on your employees’ state of mind at work. Interiors of offices of large corporations such as Google and Microsoft have been reported to create a positive and fun-filled environment for the workers and consequently improving productivity. You do not necessarily have to match those companies’ standards but you need to plan ahead so that your office environment can be set up in such a way that it enhances positivity and productivity of your workers.


6.Basic Facilities


There are some basic facilities that are critical to the proper functioning of any business. This includes power and electricity, water, telecommunication infrastructures and internet services. Moreover, your company may require other important spaces such as conference rooms, meeting rooms, halls and auditoriums to optimally function. Ensuring that your required facilities are available at your potential business rental properties is very important.


There are a number of other critical aspects of renting that must be considered when looking for an office space for rent.

Once you have found the ideal rental property for your business after careful consideration of your company’s operational and logistics requirements, you must take the rental costs into consideration to determine if the benefits to be obtained justifies the rental costs and is within your set budget.


Finally, whether you want an office space for rent in Chennai or you need showrooms for rent in other cities, you can work with reputable and trusted real estate company that can help you secure the perfect property for your business, take care of the agreements and other paper works so that you can concentrate on the other aspect of your company’s needs.


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